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True love is hard to find in this case, it's mutual

For more than a decade, we’ve been making great quality ergonomic furniture and shipping it out really fast, then being nice if there’s ever a problem. People seem to like this. Some people even wrote about it.

“For me, this company was a great find. At Boeing Portland we do all the wiring for the cockpit and the control column on the 737, 747 and others. We bought 17 electric height-adjustable Infinity workbenches from AD-AS for our factory floor. Now we can accommodate three shifts, rotating people around who stand 5’2″ all the up way to 6’4,” and get every one of them into the best ergonomic position we can. We had very specific needs in 17 different areas, this was not a simple thing–we needed an overhead light put on some workbenches, a drawer to hold small tools on others, and still for others we needed a back rack with three power sources. People are pounding away on the workbenches, so they had to have a certain amount of stamina–the Infinities we ordered were 500 to 1000 lb weight capacity. They’ve worked out great. A bonus for us was that the workbenches all came assembled, so we were able to put them right on the floor, saving us weeks. I know the toll-free number by heart (1-800-957-2720!). The customer service is superb”

— Dave R. M.Ed., CRC, CCM, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor: AM C.R.E.S.T. Boeing Portland

“We have probably 8 different users ranging in height from approximately 5’2” to 6’2”, some preferring to sit and others preferring to stand. These are all well-educated laboratory scientists, and the task done here is fairly complex mentally. They were really struggling with the non-adjustable table they had before. The Infinity Workbench allows the users to create a neutral posture whether they’re sitting or standing. This table needed a shelf below to hold the CPUs of the different computer systems, all of which were integrated at this station. I really needed the customization, and POPULAS was able to build something quite specific to our unique needs. For a multi-user environment in which you want the user to be able to sit or stand at will, the Infinity powered workstations are the only way to go.”

— Katie G. PT, CEES, Ergonomic Coordinator, Employee Well Being: St. Jude Medical Center

“We’ve got a number of people with back problems and no matter what kind of chair we gave them, it didn’t solve the problem. We have bought two or three styles from POPULAS, and every one that we have put into place has been very, very well received. It’s all about productivity…a workstation that is adjustable so that those with back issues can stand and work comfortably—it just seems like a small price to pay. The staff have been exceptionally helpful, and it’s a no-brainer to get things ordered.”

— Patti J. Purchasing Agent: US Office of Personnel Management

“If I had ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures for every case, it would be so obvious the difference these desks make. I go from seeing the kids’ needs not being met, to seeing them being met fully. There’s no longer a conflict between them and their furniture. I have one classroom where all the desks are height-adjustable. They provide access and freedom. In 12 years I’ve never had anything break down or wear out, not even once, with anything I’ve ever ordered. The manufacturing is excellent—it’s really nicely made stuff, and if you need something custom, it’s like ‘sure, no big deal.’ And you don’t have to be an expert or ergonomist to get it figured out—the POPULAS team takes the guesswork out of ordering. I highly recommend POPULAS Furniture.”

— Drew G., MEd, ATP, Rehabilitation Engineer: Bergen County Special Services

“We have been ordering PACS workstations from AD-AS for our radiology department since 2005 and have been extremely pleased with the quality of items they produce. I have found their staff to be exceptionally responsive, highly professional, and understanding of our product-specific needs. POPULAS offers such a great selection of tables that can be configured in various ways, all this at a cost-effective price. This flexibility allows us to meet the Radiologists’ specific ergonomic needs. I look forward to continuing to use POPULAS in the future”

— Blanca G., Radiology Manager: Kelsey-Seybold

“We purchased enough tables so that we have one in almost every classroom with a computer. We bought our first tables almost 10 years ago and have not had any issues so far. With just a push of a button, someone in a wheelchair (which vary in size) can adjust the workstation to accommodate their needs. One semester, we had a student who needed to use a computer while standing, and the Infinity table worked beautifully. Their service is impeccable. As we expand as a college district, we will continue to use POPULAS.”

— Dinah M., Disabled Student Services

“If you’re looking for a handicapped-accessible computer table that will stand the test of time, these are the tables to purchase! Our Career Development Center’s computer lab is open to the public, and we felt that having computer tables that were handicapped accessible would be an enhancement. We had limited space, and were also trying to match a table we had obtained years earlier. The company modified their standard tables to fit our space. I found them to be refreshingly flexible.”

— Warren S., Director of Information Technology: Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Pittsburgh

“For our Residential Program, we purchased two of the height-adjustable Approach Sinks. One we’ve had for four years, and the other one at least two years. I’m the maintenance manager, and there’s never been a single issue with one of them. Any interaction I’ve had with the company has been phenomenal.”

— Jim S., Facilities Manager: Herkimer Area Resource Center

“We were looking for stability and strength, something sturdy and strong that could take a beating and withstand classroom use. Students may be in a wheelchair, or in a laboratory or art room where the table needs to be cranked really high, and individuals need to be able to do it themselves without a lot of arm strength. Classroom time is only 50 minutes, and we can’t call Facilities every time and have them adjust the legs. The Infinity and Accella products gave us that flexibility that we needed. We have tons of other tables that said they were ADA, but once we got it into the classroom, it wasn’t right and I couldn’t return it. POPULAS worked with me carefully to make sure the products were going to work before I ordered them.”

— Juan D., Disabled Student Services: Holyoke Community College

POPULAS builds a great product (hand therapy tables). Their ability to do custom configurations to meet physical therapists’ special needs sets them apart from other manufacturers. We highly recommend them.

— Rodney B., Principal: RBA Design

We are using our Infinity Two-Story on campus particularly for people with severe physical disabilities—our first student to use it had muscular sclerosis, and the table allowed him to pivot the work surface so he was able to stand and use his laptop to take exams. Durability is very important. As we see students with more and more complex disabilities, we will need products like this to accommodate them. The staff were great—the company was really willing to work within our budget to help us to find a solution.

— Priscilla L., Disabled Student Services: Loyola-Marymount University

Thank you for producing a table that will suit the unique needs of our older students with severe multiple impairments, allowing them to more actively participate in classroom activities.

— Alice C., OTR, Occupational Therapist: Washtenaw Intermediate School District/High Point School

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