Populas Furniture by AD AS
Accella Desk
Design should adapt to people not the other way around.
Made in the USA Lifetime Warranty LEED Certified ADA Compliant
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Education & Library Healthcare Kitchen & Bath Industrial Workplace

Ergonomic for the people. We are the first generation to spend half our waking hours in front of a computer—your workstation is your second home, and it should be worthy. POPULAS is a response to unmistakable trends
in the population:

  • The military knows how to boost productivity through ergonomics—
    we help them do it affordably.
  • Schools and universities don’t just HAVE to offer accessibility,
    they love to.
  • Rehab furniture should work as hard as therapists do—
    and look great, too.
  • The disabled demand great design,
    especially in the kitchen and bath.

POPULAS design is a love letter to everyone in the population who works. Whatever your life’s work, cause, pursuit or passion, somewhere in our product line awaits your perfect match. We invite you to find it.

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