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Approach Vanity

Approach™ Adjustable Cabinet Approach™ Adjustable Cabinet

All the contents of your wall cabinets can be accessible, no matter how tall you stand or how low you sit. With the press of a button the Approach™ cabinet lift system will move your cabinets down to meet a standard-height counter, or one that’s 34 inches high.  Includes the safety feature of automatic shut-off, in […]

Approach™ Adjustable Cooktop Approach™ Adjustable Cooktop

Elevate your level of enjoyment from cooking. When your kitchen is properly equipped, you’ll cook more and have more fun doing it. In the lowered position, ApproachTM Adjustable Cooktop lets you see into tall soup pots but still allows ample knee space. Raised to standard heights, it transforms your cooktop to accommodate other family members […]

Approach™ Adjustable Sink Approach™ Adjustable Sink

The ability to raise and lower the height of your sink isn’t just convenient, it’ll make you excited every time you use it. The touch of a button raises and lowers your sink height.  At its lower positions the height is ideal for seated use or wheelchair heights. Raised to its maximum, it matches the […]


Don’t settle for an institutional-looking kitchen or bath. Approach products are hidden motorized components for your own sink, cabinets, and cooktop that bring them into reach with the push of a button. With these universal design elements, your contractor can make any kitchen not just accessible, but beautiful. Approach elements integrate seamlessly into luxury residences, […]

The Populas Furniture Lifetime Warranty

At POPULAS we love making high quality furniture for our customers. All of our environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes happen in the United States, and our products are built with durable US made steel, aluminum and wood products. To back up our pledge of quality, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on many of our products. The POPULAS […]

Kitchen & Bath

It’s true—we’re the company that makes the legendary Approach for the Sink. For a decade, people and their architects have found out about our unusual height-adjustable sink and have spread the word. Approach allows your sink to be adjusted up and down with the push of a button. When you’re seated in your wheelchair, you […]


“For me, this company was a great find. At Boeing Portland we do all the wiring for the cockpit and the control column on the 737, 747 and others. We bought 17 electric height-adjustable Infinity workbenches from AD-AS for our factory floor. Now we can accommodate three shifts, rotating people around who stand 5’2″ all […]

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